The other night I let my dogs out. I heard them outside barking at something, but just assumed it was the neighbor’s dog they were barking at. I checked on them about 10 minutes later and they were waiting at the back door to get in. I opened the door and immediately smelled something that couldn’t be mistaken for anything else, a skunk! I couldn’t believe my dogs got sprayed by one and the smell was absolutely horrific. I immediately took them both to get a bath all while trying to keep this stink off of myself.

While bathing them, I was thinking about how I could get rid of these skunks so this didn’t happen again. I didn’t want to go through this every day and night with these dogs because they are hard to bathe anyways. It was also a smell that no matter how many times I did bathe them, it wouldn’t go away.

I knew I was going to need to call someone to get rid of these skunks for good. After bathing the dogs and still smelling the skunk everywhere I turned, I searched online for skunk removal in my area. That’s when I found the Swat Wildlife website. I looked at it and it said they specialize in skunk removal. I saved the number for them and called them the next day. I told them what happened to my dogs and told them I didn’t want this to happen any more. I asked them if they could get rid of the skunks around my area and in my yard as soon as possible. They said they could send someone over now to find out where the skunks were at and put traps out to catch them. I told them the sooner the better and I didn’t care what they had to do to get rid of these stinky creatures.

Swat Wildlife showed up in no time at all. I showed them the area that my dogs were barking around and they started looking there first. They found a skunk family living in the woods just behind my home. They set out traps and were able to catch all of them within just a few days. I am so glad I hired Swat Wildlife for my skunk removal needs.

Since they have removed the skunks from my yard, I haven’t had any other problems with them. My dogs haven’t come home smelling like skunks and I haven’t heard them barking like they were that night. I still can’t believe that they got sprayed by a skunk or skunks. I am glad Swat Wildlife was able to easily and promptly remove these from my property and get rid of them for good. Hopefully I don’t have any other occurrences of skunks in my yard or around my dogs. That was an awful smell that took several different methods and baths to finally get rid of from my dogs and my home.