Five Reasons Why You Should Hire An SEO Company For Your Small Business

Improving the visibility of your website starts by making sure that it is properly optimized for the search engines. Most people turn to the search engines first when they are trying to find information online. If your website doesn’t appear in the search results when potential customers type in a relevant search, your odds of connecting with those customers significantly decrease.

Unfortunately, search engine optimization can be quite complicated. The algorithms used by the search engines are in a constant state of flux, with new changes being implemented all the time. Trying to stay on top of all of those changes is a full-time job in and of itself.

If you have a small business, it makes much more sense to hire an SEO company like WebClimb to handle optimizing your site for you rather than trying to do it yourself. Here are five benefits of working with a professional SEO agency:

1. Better results. SEO agencies know which optimization strategies work and which ones don’t. As a result, they can focus their attention on the most effective strategies rather than wasting time on optimization techniques that won’t help your site perform better. This usually leads to faster results, allowing you to begin getting more traffic to your site right away.

2. More time to focus on your business. Instead of trying to optimize your site while at the same time dealing with the day-to-day responsibilities of operating your business, it makes a lot more sense to outsource the work. By turning over your website optimization to a qualified SEO agency, you can keep your focus where it should be: on running your business.

3. SEO provides a great return on investment. When it comes to marketing, SEO is an extremely cost-effective way to get more visitors to your website. Once your site starts appearing higher in the search results, you can start getting free traffic, minimizing your advertising expenses.

4. A well-optimized site provides a better user experience. SEO is about more than just satisfying the search engines. Instead, it is about providing your visitors with the best possible experience. By creating high-quality content, simplifying your site’s structure and navigation, and speeding up loading times, an SEO agency can help your site perform better, leaving your visitors feeling much more satisfied.

5. More credibility for your business. Companies that are listed well in the search engines are generally viewed more favorably than those that are listed further down in the results. Obtaining a top position in the search listings gives your site an almost instant credibility boost, making people far more likely to do business with you.

If you have a small business, there are a number of reasons why it makes sense to hire an SEO company. Working with a search engine optimization expert is the best way to ensure that your site is performing as well as it should be. Optimizing your site makes it possible to connect with more visitors than ever, helping you grow your business over time.

Finding The Right Digital Marketing Company

The world is changing fast and gone are the days where companies had to invest in the physical marketing efforts. Most of the customers you wish to reach out to are available online. This is why online marketing is emerging as a key recipe for any business’ success, and if you don’t have strategies in place to harness the power of the internet, you will be eventually surpassed by your competitors. If you run a small business or one that will take a lot of money and resources to introduce a digital marketing wing, you could opt to outsource a digital marketing company and have them help you with that part. Here are some tips for getting the right company to help improve your online marketing campaign;


The demand for digital marketing services is increasing, and more companies are entering into that field. While some of the new entries are good, it is not advisable to gamble with them when you could opt for proven performers in the industry. The online marketing world is very dynamic and what is working today might be utterly irrelevant tomorrow. The companies that have been in business for a while understand where things came from and can use that information to accurately predict trends that will ensure your business is always ahead of the rest.


The results of any digital marketing campaign can be measured through some of the several metrics available on the web. You should look for a reliable company with a good track record, and this can be determined by checking out some of the companies that the one in question has worked with. If they helped notable players in the industry increase their sales and boost their online reputation, then you have something to prove how effective their services are. A good digital marketing company should also walk the talk, and you should check out their online pages and see what they are doing for themselves.

Services Offered.

Online marketing is a wide area, and your company might not have the resources to invest in all the different sections. However, some of the things such as SEO, social media, and email marketing are some of the crucial ones that you should not afford to miss out on. It is good to find a digital marketing firm that will serve as your one-stop shop for all these services. It is very hectic finding a reliable firm, and you should not be forced to start digging for one firm to handle your SEO campaign and then start over for another to work on your PPC campaign. Find a company that covers most of the essential online marketing areas well, especially the ones that you think are paramount for you, and let them do their job exhaustively.

Some of the key things to look out for when looking for a digital marketing firm have been mentioned above, and you need to ensure you land one that will make your investment a worthwhile one. If you have nowhere to start your search, check out Ignite Digital and their host of amazing services that might be very beneficial for your firm.

Developing an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing

Developing an effective inbound marketing strategy can be a difficult process as it involves a lot of complexities and challenges. Successful digital marketing will need a person who is proficient in different areas such content writing, graphic designing, web designing, search engine optimization, pay per click, social media management etc. whether you are looking to promote a new company or revamping an existing one, you will need to come up with a proper strategy that will guide your company reach its goals and grow. Below are some great points that will go a long way in helping you come up with a great inbound marketing plan.


Setting Goals

This is the first thing to do before you can start. You need to come up with a way to measure the effectiveness of the strategy, and the best is the return on investment. Start by identifying what you want to accomplish and when to expect the results. The goals should be relevant, specific, attainable, and measurable. You can easily do this by doing an evaluation of your website’s traffic.


Creating Awareness of Your Brand Through Content Strategy

The main goal of any business is gaining leads and this will start with people getting to know your business exists. Providing your prospective clients with the right content is a good way to brand. You should provide them with the necessary information needed to make them interested in what you are offering. Do an evaluation of your current content and see where you can work on to make it better. If the content is not relevant, have them replaced with quality and relevant content. There are many different sources you can get quality content from, provided you are ready to spend a little.


Use E-mail Marketing

Email marketing has been shown to be an effective way to persuade customers to buy what you are offering. Communicating with prospective buyers from time to time will help keep your company in their mind, and they will turn to you once they need the product you are offering. You should be providing them with relevant content to keep them interested, otherwise, you may end up sending emails but your list doesn’t read. It will also establish you as an expert in the industry, building the trust and making it easy for them to turn to you.


Have a Blogging Strategy

Blogging will go a long way in helping you attract relevant website to your website and can convert visitors into leads. The blogs should provide unique and relevant content. Providing quality content will help in rankings, which means more traffic.


Consider Hiring Inbound Marketing Experts

The process is complicated and it helps to have an experienced person helping you out. Many of inbound marketing experts will provide you the different services under one roof, making it much easier to know the progress of your inbound marketing campaign. Inbound marketing experts can help create a campaign to fit the needs of the business and the budget.

Mobile App Marketing Tips


Mobile app marketing can be daunting for anyone, but there are a number of tips that you should know about to make this easier. There are a number of ways that you can market your app and you need to include them in your mobile app marketing strategy. It is important that you know what these methods are and how they can be used as part of your mobile app marketing.

App Store Optimization

Putting your app in the app store is a good idea, but you need to ensure that it is correctly optimized. Apple’s App Store and Google Play use algorithms to prioritize certain apps when a search is completed. It is important that you know what these ranking factors are, but also understand that there is no one size fits all solution.

The most important ranking factor is the title of your app. If you have built an app which helps people find train times then you need to have this in the app title. An app title that does not tell the app store or the potential user what it does, will not help you in terms of marketing. There are a number of other ranking factors that you need to know about and optimize your listing for.

Facebook Marketing

There are actually very few app developers who consider the power for Facebook adverts for app marketing. This is actually one of the most effective ways of getting your app installed by people. There are a number of ways that you can use Facebook for your app marketing.

The first is to use a combination of sponsored stories and promoted posts to target mobile news feeds. You should also use page like adverts which will also be placed into mobile newsfeeds. A combination of high-resolution images and URL posts are recommended to get the most out of the Facebook advertising.

Promoted Tweets

Twitter is another highly effective method of driving traffic to your app. You can also increase the number of app downloads if you set up your Twitter marketing correctly. You will be using paid adverts and sponsored tweets to accomplish this. This means that you need to set aside a small budget for testing different keywords to ensure that you are targeting the correct keywords for your needs.

Organic Reviews

Reviews play a large role in whether or not someone is going to download your app and is one of the ranking factors in the app stores. It is important that you try and get these reviews organically and not pay for them. There are a number of ways that you can organically generate reviews. The first is to simply wait for users to post a review, but this can take a lot of time.

The best option is to ask your active users to post a review of the app. The best way to get users to do this is to offer some form of incentive. If you have a gaming app, you could offer an item for the review that the player would not be able to get otherwise. For more mobile strategies GoSee Tech has a very good write-up.

What You Should Know About Programmatic Media Buying – A Guide

Media Buying

When it comes to programmatic media buying, most online marketers like to complicate it with media buying jargon. But the truth is the sum of what programmatic media buying is can be summed up in these words: smart advertising. And by smart advertising, we do mean ultra smart advertising.

Have you ever had this experience before? You searched for a particular keyword on Google like “baby stroller reviews” only to find ads for strollers and related baby products appear on your Facebook timeline. If not Facebook, then Youtube or some other media platform. That is programmatic media buying at work and more info is offered on

This type of advertising platform is actually light years ahead of traditional media buying. In the past, advertisers bought ads and had them placed on web pages with little in the way of tracking. It was manual, time-consuming work, but programmatic media buying makes life so much easier by making the process of buying advertisements fully automatic and done in real time. This leaves online marketers a lot of time to do things that are more important to business, like engaging existing customers so they become repeat buyers.

The earliest form of programmatic ad buying is Google Adwords. With this advertising platform, online marketers choose the keywords that they want their ads to appear on. There are basically two types of programmatic ad buying. One is direct and the other one that happens on an exchange like Google Adwords. With direct, the placement of the ads and their volume are guaranteed. On Google Adwords, advertisers have to bid on keywords before their ads appear.

If you are like most people, you are probably wondering what the magic is behind programmatic advertising. After all, Facebook is not friends with Google and yet they are still able to pull up ads that you would definitely be interested in (note the certainty). Well, it’s all possible thanks to cookies.

Most websites have cookies that track your behavior online, that is, record the websites you visit, the search terms you type on Google, etc. These cookies then transmit the information to their originating website.

Programmatic advertising is seen as the future of online advertising, however, it is not without its problems at the moment. While it works perfectly on laptops, there are problems running it on mobile devices. It’s basically a cookie problem that programmers still have not been able to fix. But we really think it’s just a matter of time before the geeks of advertising land are able to hack it.

Anyway, if you are an online marketer that wants to make the most money out of your advertising dollars, you really should advertise on networks that offer a programmatic advertising platform. We are talking about social media websites like Facebook or Google Adwords.

In this way, you can be sure that the ones who take a look at your ads are people who are already genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

What Is Programmatic Ad Buying? What You Should Know

Programmatic Ad Buying

The sum of what programmatic ad buying is can be summed up in these words: human-free, algorithm-based advertising. According to many in the online marketing industry, it is the future of advertising. But is it really? Read below to know more.

Programmatic ad buying stems from a need by companies to ensure that the people they are showing their ads to are hot leads or people who are most likely to buy their products or services. In the past, this attempt at targeting hot leads was done via pay-per-click advertising or PPC and Facebook advertising. With PPC, the leads are pre-qualified via the keywords being searched for. This is especially problem-based targeting that is often limited by the lack information on demographics.

On the other hand, Facebook advertising uses demographic information like gender, age, location as the baseline information for targeting ads. However, as users do things within their accounts like search, like, and comment, more information is gathered about them and ads can be become more targeted.

While you can say that Facebook advertising is more programmatic than PPC, the fact of the matter is that the sum of what both platforms can do is nothing compared to the entire breadth and depth of programmatic advertising.

As we said before, with this relatively new platform, the process of ad buying is done human-free 100 percent. But how does it work? When clients sign up for a programmatic ad network, an algorithm takes points from the customer information of the clients and then matches them with the information that can be gleaned from a website where the ads will appear. When there is a match, the bidding is done automatically and ads are displayed on web pages in the same fashion.

The process of matching, bidding on ads and displaying happens within a matter of milliseconds and website users will not notice any difference in the speed of the website. However, they might notice that the website displays ads that actually speak to them. This is because even the language used in the ad is based on the algorithm.

Programmatic advertising is all about buying ads in the same way that you buy ads on Amazon. Itís also about being able to bid on ads like you would on Google Adwords, paying whatever amount of money an ad is worth at any given time. Most important, itís all about targeting the right person the right ad at the right time. And all of these is done without any human interference.

When you sign up for a programmatic advertising network, the only thing you need to do is make a few clicks with your mouse, and then you can set and forget it. Experts like to call it the better mousetrap in online advertising.

It is expected that that number of programmatic ads being shown will increase dramatically within the next six months, specifically, to 58% of display ads and to 53% of mobile ads.

More details can be found at Core Pedia.

Why App Marketing Is Becoming So Popular Today

Apps on Mobile Devices

Apps on Mobile Devices

Even though smart phones are a relatively new electronic device, they have been used successfully as ways to target prospective buyers. This was not as feasible as it is today when mobile advertising first began, primarily because there were not as many people using these phones. When you are targeting people with smart phones, you are going to use what is called app marketing. This is where people will download a free application to their smart phone to use. In exchange, there will be advertisements that will be seen every time they turn on the application. This is how people are able to generate consistent sales.

How Long Does Application Marketing Take To See Profits?

It may only take a few days for any company to see profits from the applications that are downloaded. It just depends on the market that you are in. It also depends upon the type of offer that you are presenting and how easy it is for those that see your advertisements to take action. For example, you might be building a list for your company instead of trying to make sales initially. This is one of the easiest ways to start making consistent sales. Once they are on your email marketing list, courtesy of your application marketing, you can then market to these individuals and start selling more of your products. It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to get subscribers or make sales. The type of application that is developed for you, and the marketing that a company can accomplish for your business, are all factors that must be considered when using this type of advertising.

Why You Should Consider Working With Liftoff

Liftoff is a business that specializes in marketing products and services for people through mobile applications. A mobile app will be downloaded to a person smart phone with your advertisements embedded within, activated once the application has been activated. They have been successfully helping hundreds of different companies with this type of marketing using their state-of-the-art software programs that develop apps. They are also experts when it comes to making and marketing many different types of applications, one of which is going to help you increase your sales.

How Long Will It Take To Start Your Campaign?

It will only take a few days to get your app ready. The marketing will start soon after. You will receive regular reports on how many visitors you have had, and you can also monitor how well this is working by looking at your subscribers. All of this information will help you determine whether or not you should roll out an additional campaign, or simply increase your budget for the one that is working. It is still possible to advertise via conventional means such as local classifieds, Google advertisements, or even social media marketing, but app marketing by Liftoff definitely has its place for many different products and services.

Even if you are a novice when it comes to looking at applications, it is something that you will not have to learn very much about at all. That is because Liftoff will take care of everything for you, ensuring that your targeting is correct, and the application is the right one for getting you the best chance of generating sales or subscribers.

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