Concrete is the perfect building material, but it becomes even better when you use glow in the dark concrete instead of regular concrete. Glow in the dark concrete is going to turn your regular old concrete into something new and amazing. The concrete is going to look incredible and it is going to glow all night long with minimal exposure to sunlight.

Glow in the dark concrete looks like regular concrete during the day but once night comes the concrete is transformed into something amazing. Once the sun goes down the pigments in the concrete are going to glow and the driveway or other concrete sculpture is going to glow. The concrete aggregates come in a variety of sizes and colors so you can create your own patterns.

You can get very creative with this concrete and you can use it to create a variety of different effects and techniques. It is important to get your concrete from a reliable supplier like Ambient Glow Technology. Their concrete aggregates are going to last longer and they will glow up to 30 percent brighter than the competing brands.

The concrete can glow for up to 12 hours with only 10 minutes of direct sunlight and they provide ambient lighting that turns any yard or object into something special. It looks stunning when you mix it into a walkway because the entire walkway will glow at night. You can mix in different colors into the concrete and it will look like a beautiful glowing piece of artwork. The light is soft and beautiful and it will illuminate the driveway at night so you can clearly see it.

The pigments will retain their full glow for at least 20 years then they will slowly become less bright. The results that you can get with glow in the dark aggregates are amazing and you can use them in multiple ways. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. You could create a concrete sink that allows you to wash your hands in the dark, you can create statues, stepping stones, retaining walls, and much more. You are only limited by your imagination.

You can transform your home into something special when you use the glow concrete. If you decide to use it indoors, regular lights will be enough to charge it and it will glow when it is dark. The pigments are designed to last a long time and you can expect to get up to 20 years of use out of them. People have used the glowing concrete in pool surrounds, outdoor kitchens, decks, kitchens counters and walkways. The glowing concrete will light your way at night and it is also very pretty to look at. The aggregates add a magical touch to anything you add them to.

Use Ambient Glow Technology for your aggregate needs since their glow in the dark products are brighter and they also last longer. Glow in the dark products are going to make your home stand out and make it more fun.