Media Buying

When it comes to programmatic media buying, most online marketers like to complicate it with media buying jargon. But the truth is the sum of what programmatic media buying is can be summed up in these words: smart advertising. And by smart advertising, we do mean ultra smart advertising.

Have you ever had this experience before? You searched for a particular keyword on Google like “baby stroller reviews” only to find ads for strollers and related baby products appear on your Facebook timeline. If not Facebook, then Youtube or some other media platform. That is programmatic media buying at work and more info is offered on

This type of advertising platform is actually light years ahead of traditional media buying. In the past, advertisers bought ads and had them placed on web pages with little in the way of tracking. It was manual, time-consuming work, but programmatic media buying makes life so much easier by making the process of buying advertisements fully automatic and done in real time. This leaves online marketers a lot of time to do things that are more important to business, like engaging existing customers so they become repeat buyers.

The earliest form of programmatic ad buying is Google Adwords. With this advertising platform, online marketers choose the keywords that they want their ads to appear on. There are basically two types of programmatic ad buying. One is direct and the other one that happens on an exchange like Google Adwords. With direct, the placement of the ads and their volume are guaranteed. On Google Adwords, advertisers have to bid on keywords before their ads appear.

If you are like most people, you are probably wondering what the magic is behind programmatic advertising. After all, Facebook is not friends with Google and yet they are still able to pull up ads that you would definitely be interested in (note the certainty). Well, it’s all possible thanks to cookies.

Most websites have cookies that track your behavior online, that is, record the websites you visit, the search terms you type on Google, etc. These cookies then transmit the information to their originating website.

Programmatic advertising is seen as the future of online advertising, however, it is not without its problems at the moment. While it works perfectly on laptops, there are problems running it on mobile devices. It’s basically a cookie problem that programmers still have not been able to fix. But we really think it’s just a matter of time before the geeks of advertising land are able to hack it.

Anyway, if you are an online marketer that wants to make the most money out of your advertising dollars, you really should advertise on networks that offer a programmatic advertising platform. We are talking about social media websites like Facebook or Google Adwords.

In this way, you can be sure that the ones who take a look at your ads are people who are already genuinely interested in what you have to offer.